The Love Virus: A Blessing in Disguise

While many singles wake up in a world of panic (oh my god, I am never going to find love), many couples wake up in another world of panic (oh my god, we’re all over each other).

The battle of loneliness vs suffocation has now officially begun, may the best win!

Corona is actually a blessing and I’m going to call it the love virus.

Let’s have a look at how Corona has positively affected our lives (yes, POSITIVELY):

Single men

  1. “The movies, the park, this bar or that restaurant…” Corona has spared you the mental hassle of debating what to do and where to go on your first dates. Now you can focus less on the venue and more on being PRESENT in getting to know your (online) date a little more. So, grab your drink and/or dinner and hop on that zoom call!
  2. ALL the beautiful women are now in ONE PLACE! YES, they are ALL ONLINE!

Single ladies

  1. You don’t need to go ABROAD to find that handsome stranger, they are all in the same place! Yes, they are ONLINE 😉
  2. You now have an unprecedented opportunity to look at love the right way! No more distractions, no more drunk men approaching you, no need to start your relationship from the ‘physical’ chemistry point with ‘bad boys’ (which by the way, can be created with anyone). You can actually meet authentic people and build real relationships starting with a simple… conversation. Admire each other’s values and intellectual affinity and have some quality time without being wasted or in a hurry.

Another tip for both single men and ladies; you can take this time to actually work on yourself and discover for example your previous relationship patterns and how they have stopped you from finding the right partner. We tend to have the same relationship dynamics until we actually heal them (yes, the faces change, the people change, but the dynamic is still the same). Ladies, if you keep on attracting the ‘bad boy’, this is a cue for you. Men, if you keep on attracting a masculine woman, this is a cue for you. Not sure where to start and need some inspiration? You can check out my book The Grey Dance of Love !

Men and Women in Relationships

  1. You can now develop your love, your bond, your relationships even deeper! You now have time to develop better relationship habits. Perhaps you can now start ‘that project’ you’ve been talking about for a while but ‘never had the time’.
  2. You can start a course together, play with the kids together.

In a relationship and not able to be together? Yes, I admit, the lack of physical closeness (sex and intimacy), is challenging (especially if you are still in the early stages of your relationship, you have a high libido (sex drive), and/or your primary love language is physical touch). But while the quarantine lasts, you can take this as an opportunity to discover other areas of your relationship and develop in a deeper level. Here are some ideas:

  1. You can set your relationship purpose, mission, vision and see where you are going
  2. You can take a class/course/program together, and discuss/exchange/compare

There are many more positive points and ideas, I just wanted to show you how the love virus is a blessing rather than a curse and how we can best make use of our time to find, keep and even grow love.

The Love Virus is helping us build stronger relationships based on more solid grounds which I am sure will be lasting.

Will the Love Virus help decrease the divorce rate? Will the Love Virus help decrease the loneliness rate?

Only time will tell but I bet that if you take the lockdown as an opportunity to develop your Love Creativity or LC (yes, I love to come up with new words), your love for yourself and your (potential) partner can only grow deeper.

Your Partner in Unconditional Love,

Sending You Love & Light,


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