George Araman


Ah Love! Most of the singles want to be in a relationship and most of the couples want to get out of it. Ironic, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a magic love potion to cure all our love problems?

What if I tell you that I have this magic love potion? What makes me so sure? Let me tell you how I stumbled upon it: I was blessed to have been friendzoned by my ex-best friend.

The problem? a lack of SPARKS! I made it my mission to find the solution because it was impossible to let her go just like that. Along my journey of self discovery, I read 200+ books and 1200+ articles, I did an experiment with more than 7 friends (to create the sparks) and what I found… You can find the magic love potion inside my first book The Grey Dance of Love, but wait that is not all! Having discovered all the secrets of relationships I have decided to take it a step further!

I will be taking you Step-by-Step from where you are (single, friendzoned, or in a relationship) to where you want to be. We humans usually like to experience things differently so having that in mind here is how you can find the magic potion.

What People are Saying

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Bdancing’ between my heart and my mind, I am devoted to spread some much needed love to this world and bring down the high rate of divorce. With more than 10 projects in the making, get ready for the Relationship Entrepreneur !

One thing I learned in life, is to never give up! In fact, here is my success formula:

Success Formula = Your Passion + A Need for the Market + A Need for YOU

And here are the 4 common denominators I have found all successful people have:

Common Success Denominators = Patience/Perseverance + Meditation + Visualisation + Gratitude

So if you feel stuck in your relationship, if you feel lonely, if you want to take your relationship to the next level, don’t give up! Connect with me and I promise you a tailored solution just for you!

I plan on traveling all around the world with my future wife and have sex on top of the 8 wonders.

Connect with me and discover your “Relationship Personality Type”, you are in for a fascinating journey!

We Believe in Children Education

For every physical book and ebook you buy, I, George, pledge to give 1$ from my profits to the in order to help educate children around the world.


The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries. My goal is to raise enough donations to the point where we are building one school a day in that developing country.

I am a firm believer in educating children. To change the world, to live in a more loving world, the best way is to raise consciousness. The best way to raise consciousness is through education. So I give back by helping children with no hope get an education and live in safer environment.


Some of the ‘serious’ stuff

George’s Degrees
✔ Masters Degree in Marketing (Grenoble Ecole de Management – Top 5 University in Europe)
✔ Bachelors Degree with a Double Emphasis in Management, Entrepreneurship & Family Business and a minor in Psychology

George’s Certifications
✔ Competent Communicator, CC (Toastmasters International – Loudspeakers Club)
✔ Competent Leader, CL (Toastmasters International – Loudspeakers Club)
✔ Digital Marketing Certificate (EduPristine)
✔ Body Language for Professionals (Level II)
✔ Leading With Emotional Intelligence (UNDP)

✔ Access Bar Practitioner (I work on 32 energy points to delete your limiting beliefs, help you relax, de-stress and open the flow of abundance through new opportunities)
✔ Access Facelift Practitioner (I work on 27 energy points)
✔ Advanced ThetaHealer (It is a healing modality backed by science)
✔ Advanced Reiki Practitioner

✔ I developed a workshop to motivate employees to perform better and be more productive at work
✔ I participated in Bob Proctor’s 13 Month Coaching Program (I highly recommend it)

George’s Achievements throughout the years Include:
✔ Financial and Quality improvements
✔ Systems & Processes improvements
✔ Increase customer base
✔ Resolution of communication and cross-cultural issues
✔ Increase customer and coworker satisfaction

George has 8+ years of experience in the marketing world from banking (Barclays) to consulting and passing by technology, he has accumulated a diversified but specific knowledge in marketing. When George was friendzoned by his ex best friend, his life changed dramatically. He set out on a mission to figure out how to create sparks. He now wants nothing more than to teach others how to live their happy forever after. After studying 200+ books and 1200+ articles and an in-depth experiment, George found his answer.

Using more than 10 000 years of experience, study and direct application, George teaches people how to do what he did: create his own magical love potion and apply it in his life for a more loving and desirable result.

Each day, he continues to study and to create so he can continue to offer the most practical ways to continue to spread more love.