How to Succeed in a Relationship in the 22nd century

Are you dreaming of a fairytale romance? I’m sure you are, everyone is!

Are you willing to do the work though? I’m sure you are not; we are all lazy!

We all want a ‘get love quick’, we have an entitlement mentality that prevents us from living our happy forever after.

We already have to work to generate money so why the heck do we have to work to ‘generate’ love right?

Heck when we first started to date, he/she was mesmerizing! We were so in love!


Simply? Dating and a relationship require two different skill sets.

What works to create the sparks and attraction doesn’t work for a relationship, and what works to create love and intimacy doesn’t work for dates.

The solution?

Master both sets of skills!!! Learn the difference between the brain in lust and the brain in love.

And most importantly, start to dance!!! You see love is all about dancing, it’s all about the Grey Dance of Love.

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Love & Light,
Your Partner in Unconditional Love

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