Our Purpose at Grey Dance of Love

Raise the love vibrations in the world, help people connect more deeply, and of course, create World Love I.

The 5 pillar values of GDOL

Quality & Uniqueness.

Mr. & Ms. Nice Mirror have taught us to strive on having the best quality and the most unique features.

Creativity & Passion.

Mr. & Ms. Bad Sparks have taught us to value a creative and passionate approach to our problems.

Perseverance & Excellence.

Mr. & Ms. Friend Amore have taught us to persevere no matter what the circumstance in order to achieve excellence.

Positivity & Personal Growth.

Mr. & Ms. Grey Dance have taught us the value of personal growth which gives us the tools to approach problems with a positive and confident mindset.

Spreading Love & Making a Difference.

Because spreading love is our best bet to make a difference.

The 5 Missions of GDOL

  • Decrease the high rate of divorce
  • Decrease the high turnover rate at work
  • Increase the connection between communities
  • Bridge the gap between civilizations
  • World Love One

Our Pledge to you is that for every book The Grey Dance of Love that you buy, we are giving $1 from the profit of this book to The Unstoppable Foundation in order to raise a child.

Grey Dance of Love

The 50 Year Vision of GDOL

Our Vision at Grey Dance of Love is to live in a world filled with love, intimacy and connection between individuals, companies, countries and even continents. We want to bridge the gap that is separating us, we want to unite the world. It's a huge project and we are counting on you to be part of it!