Your Lover Is Lying and You Don’t Even Know It

Your partner is cheating on you, stealing from you and you don’t even know it.

Yes, I know, they give you all that adrenaline rush in the morning, get you excited the moment you open your eyes, continue to do so throughout your day, but they are stealing your time, your love, your money, your everything. They keep you glued all day, addicted like a junkie, never satisfied, always dreaming of a greener pasture.

YESSS, you have been blindly in love with … SOCIAL MEDIA!!!

I have to be honest, call me a dinosaur, but I really, really don’t like it (except for business). In fact, it takes me months, sometimes years, to join a new social media network. (I just got used to Instagram and I still don’t like snapchat.)

Now that I’ve said it, I’m not anti-social media, it really is a wonderful tool for business, a great place to read and learn and even contact our mentors and gurus – but it stops at that!

Okay, maybe the occasional cat picture you so crave, definitely looking at beautiful travel destinations to get inspired and plan your next trip can be wonderful, but…

Social media is very powerful, but alas! We are not using it to our advantage and social media is actually using media

You must get out of this toxic relationship!!! Social media is screwing the world (excuse my language). Social media is dating everyone and it’s a very unbalanced relationship.

Referring to Gary Chapman’s Love Languages, you are ‘spending time’ with social media (or rather, giving your time) and what are you getting in return? How’s YOUR love language tank being filled? You are just hooked by a very powerful drug, a colorless and odorless drug that has no substance, no lasting value but to waste your time.

From Robin Sharma to Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and Anthony Robins, almost every (if not all) personal development figures talk about the ‘hour of power’. The first hour of your day will be decisive on how the rest of your day will go.

I have tried it myself, time and time again! Whenever I start my day on social media my day becomes very unproductive. However, when I start my day with my daily habits my productivity level skyrockets.

I personally love habits, and I really want to share with you three relationship habits you can develop in the morning with your REAL partner to build a deeper, authentic, and REAL relationship.

Relationship Habit #1: Twenty minutes of physical activity.

Do you both enjoy running? Heading for a morning run with your sweetheart will not only raise your energy for the day, it will also raise your attraction level to your partner because you are doing something you enjoy with someone you love which will raise your ‘love hormones’! Not into running? Choose your own physical activity, any would do! From couple yoga to boxing, passing by sex, let your imagination run wild.

Relationship Habit #2: Twenty minutes of intellectual activity.

Reading a book together and discussing it will help develop your own growth and will give you more to talk about. Not into reading? Do you enjoy playing a game of scrabble, or maybe just talk about common topics of interest? Choose your activity and bask in it.

Relationship Habit #3: Twenty minutes of emotional activity.

Taking the time to be emotionally present to your partner is important. We tend to take our partner for granted after the initial honeymoon period has elapsed and ‘forget’ to ask how our partner feels. How our partner REALLY feels. You can ask them questions such as: how am I making you feel? Am I meeting all of your emotional needs? Am I there for you? How can I be more present for you?

If you currently don’t live with your partner, you can still apply those activities via facetime or other creative methods.

When you can start your day with those majestic habits that put you in a mesmerizing mood, why still cling to social media?

Let’s leave two hours for social media during the day; that is all we need to connect and build relationships, read and learn, and work our way to success.

Your Partner in Unconditional Love,

Sending you Love & Light,


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