The Importance of the Big Four of Love

We’ve all heard about them to a certain extent, but that’s all we did…


‘You’ve got to love yourself’

‘You’ve got to love your neighbor’

‘You’ve got to love humanity’ …

So many different forms of love!! But are they?

We tend to see each of those as different aspects, different entities, different parts.

What if I tell you that they are actually all LINKED? What if I tell you that they are all one and the same?

What if I tell you that in order to have the type of love we seek, the fairytale love, we need all four types?


Let’s look at it as a journey of love!

We start our love journey with Micro-Love or Internal Love and this step embraces two types: Soul Love and Self Love.

This is the most important and powerful phase of our journey. This is where we plant the seed of love. This is where we prepare the ground. This is where all is being cooked for us. And this is the unseen world (at least to other humans).

We then move to or next step in our love journey to our Macro-Love or External Love and this step embraces the other two types: Couple Love and Universal Love.

This is a very important phase for our ego. This is where we show the world our love. This is where we humans love to delve.

‘Hey world! Look at my partner, isn’t he/she the best in the world? Or Look how generous I am world! I am giving so much for this charity.’

Of course, all four phases are important, each has a role to play and none can be without the other!

Are you interested to know more about each of the Big Four of Love? Share with us your thoughts in the comment below.


Love & Light,

Your Partner in Unconditional Love



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