You’re Looking For Love In The Wrong Places

Are you looking for ‘The One’? Then online dating is the right place for you!

With a variety of dating apps catered for sexual drive, you are in the right place.

Oopsy Daisy! Say what?

Yes, online dating, or should I say online sexing, is the best place to find ‘The One’ you want to have sex with.

Most (if not all) dating apps are geared toward physical appearance. The first thing we do before we ‘swipe’ left, or right, is to check the profile picture of the potential sex partner.

Now, now, now, it’s not the dating app’s fault you see!! They found a clever niche. What’s that niche might you ask?

Masculine Energy!


Well, studies have shown that masculine energy is all about the looks first. “If you look good enough for my standards then, and maybe then, am I willing to consider investing time to get to know you. And you better make it worth my time because I’m busy.”

With that in mind, dating apps are fulfilling their purpose. Are you fulfilling yours?

If you are looking for something more serious from a dating app, then you’ll have to pray on your lucky stars!

What about Feminine Energy might you ask?

Online relationship apps cater to the other extreme. Here is where you find all the ‘outcasts’, the heartbroken, the “I want to find THE ONE” type of people.

Having been hurt or unable to find the right suitor after multiple occasions, we tend to become less trusting and are willing to take more time before investing in someone.

We are looking for something serious, but we have a lot of baggage.

So, what’s the solution then?

On one side, we have the beautiful ‘barbies and kens’ who are looking for external rewards (fame, fortune and the like). On the other side, we have the emotionally scarred people who are looking for someone to save them (from themselves).

The solution is to heal all sides of yourself from the inside, and once you do, or rather as you start doing it, “The One” will “magically” appear in your life.

If you’re interested in finding out more, my upcoming book The Grey Dance of Love goes into detail on how you can do that, why “building ‘The One’” is the right mindset, and how love is a journey to discover yourself.

While Online Dating is masculine and Online Relationship is feminine, neither fulfill today’s expectations. Neither gives a full solution to relationships. They are both for short-term needs.

Here is one tip that applies to both online dating and relationship fans:

We humans are creatures of habits; we tend to attract the same circumstances and types of people to help us change. And so it is with relationships! We keep on attracting the same type of partner who will help us grow and heal our wounds.

Your Partner in Unconditional Love,

Sending you Love & Light,


Next week’s topic: We’re going to delve into Relationship patterns.

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