The Grey Dance of Love in the News

Stuck in the #Friendzone? New Relationship Guide Can Help

Being friend-zoned is confusing, embarrassing, and painful—and most would-be lovers can’t get out for not knowing why they’re really there in the first place. Relationship entrepreneur George Araman draws on principles of science and psychology to find a new remedy for an age-old dilemma. PRWeb

The Greatest Paragraph I Ever Read About Love

I recently got sent a free copy of a book called “The Grey Dance Of Love” by George Araman. Still reading through it, but man I just had to share this one excerpt that really fired me up. TAKES ONE

#TheGreyDanceofLove: Acai Bowls, Slut-Shaming & Finding Love

Dating is chock full of challenges and conundrums--it's a dance that very few of us succeed within our first attempt at the footwork, causing us to look to those around us to see how they fare. George Araman's new book helps us with the symmetry of dating in a divisive world. Yahoo!Finance

Successful Approach to Love: Balancing Business and Emotion

What do love and business have in common? Quite a bit, according to Author, Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert George Araman. In his new book, The Grey Dance of Love, he discusses the tools and tactics used in finding and keeping your life partner. Araman embarks on a journey with the reader on a quest to heal hearts and find love as the book surfaces statistics, studies, and expert opinions that make the relationship game less intimidating, but inspiring--with a dual approach of emotional rationality mixing both business and romance. PRWeb